Founder, Executive Director

J. Denise Cromwell

J. Denise Cromwell has spent over 16 successful years serving her community through family ventures, starting a restaurant (Asia’s Ice Cream and Snack Shop), and a barbershop/salon (Barbering Plus).  She uses her businesses to mentor in the community. As a place for the community to gather and receive relevant information, her shop is about much more than just beauty and style. Every year, through the efforts of MUSC and Mount Moriah Baptist Church, she assists in sharing information about the AIDS Awareness Program, assists in voter’s registration, and helps to provide jobs for people in the community. Mrs. Cromwell previously owned an eatery in the local North Charleston area, which she co-owned with her daughter, Asia. 

She is a very proud member of the Order of the Eastern Star, a member of the Shriners/Daughters of Isis, fundraiser chairperson for Palmetto State Barber’s Association, as well as a member of the NAACP. She serves on the Martin Luther King Parade committee and is also the Founder and Executive Director of Project Street Outreach. As a very strong “boots on the ground” supporter, Mrs. Cromwell was of one the Co-Founders of BLIND JUSTICE, a community activist group. Activism is embedded in her DNA, as she comes from many generations of community activists. In honor of her uncle she became a member of the Triple Nickel Association, ( 555th P.I.A) the first all-black parachute unit to make a parachute combat jump. 

Along with all of these accomplishments, for the past 15 years, Denise has found time to provide free haircuts at the Ralph Johnson VA Medical Center.  She has received several Certificates of Appreciation from the Department of Veteran Affairs for her commitment to providing services to the residents of Patriots Harbor, the President's Volunteer Service Award, and the her recent was from President Barak Obama. She loves working with both the young and elderly.  Denise is an ideal team leader and phenomenal role model to family, friends, and other entrepreneurs like herself.

Mrs. Cromwell is the wife of a loving, supportive Marine Veteran, Lamar Cromwell, and the mother of an amazing daughter, Asia. The Cromwell's adopted Asia as a baby girl, under the impression that she was biracial. When it was discovered otherwise, the Cromwell family chose to move forward with the adoption, believing that love is color blind. Denise is a former member of Mount Moriah Baptist Church, where she thrived spiritually under the leadership of the Reverend Dr. Augustus D Robinson.  She is now happily dedicated to the First Baptist Church of James Island. She is also the author of a book, Loving and Raising Asia, which tells the story of a proud African-American couple adopting a white child in the South.  The book tells of the trials and triumphs of an interracial family through the eyes of a young African-American woman, and has been used at the collegiate level to teach family dynamics. 

Aside from J. Denise’s authorship, she and Asia are also into politics; they are staunch supporters of the Democratic Party. Mrs. Cromwell is a tenacious leader and mentor in her community. She is a blessing to everyone she interacts with.  Her goal is to help provide for others in a loving, caring way.  

PSO, Inc. Board of Directors

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Annie Allison, Director

Kim Williams, Treasurer

Lamar Cromwell, Director

Monique Shingler, Director